The splendor of today, with a taste of the past

Super Star passengers will experience a new definition of style and comfort in the air

In contrast to most other vintage civil airliner restoration projects, the Lockheed L-1649A will be certified in the highest passenger transport category and operated with a pressurized cabin at high altitudes. Achieving this goal may sound easy but it’s quite the contrary. LSSG has spared no effort to assure its passengers a safe, smooth, comfortable and reliable ride on board the Lufthansa Super Star.

Our goal is simple

Each and every trip shall be an unforgettable flying experience for our passengers!

It’s unique, it’s classy, it’s a Super Star!

While having a ‘look and feel’ of the 1950’s, the passenger cabin of the Lufthansa Lockheed Super Star will offer the highest comfort standard that frequent air travelers of the 21st century would expect.

While relaxing in custom-made Super Star First Class seats, our guests will enjoy fine cuisine prepared in state-of-the-art on board galleys

The Lufthansa Lockheed Super Star lounge was THE meeting place on board the L-1649A in the 1950’s, and we take pride to offer again this extremely popular feature on board the LSSG Super Star. The VIP cabin design experts of Lufthansa Technik created a stylish re-interpretation of the original lounge theme. The ‘place to be’ on board!

May it be for a tasteful cocktail at the bar, or just a nice chat with fellow passengers in the club area. Welcome to a unique and exclusive travel experience on board the Lockheed Super Star of LSSG.