High-Tech maintenance for the Super Star

LSSG had appointed Lufthansa Technik with the restoration of this vintage propliner to the highest levels in terms of safety, reliability and comfort. This immense task could only be accomplished by the best in the industry. Therefore it was only a natural choice that Lufthansa Technik, a subsidiary within the Lufthansa Group and the world‘s leading provider of maintenance, repair, and overhaul services had been asked to complete this demanding task.

Not a single bolt has been left untouched

Since the roll-in of the Lufthansa Super Star into the purpose-built restoration hangar in 2008 and until 2018 the Lockheed L-1649A underwent a major overhaul and refurbishment in the U.S. State of Maine. Not a single bolt, not a single rivet or metal sheet was left untouched. Each and every square inch had been inspected with the most sophisticated methods. As we left nothing to chance, about 95 percent of the fuselage structure and approximately 85 percent of the wings had been replaced by new, state of the art material. Additionally the LSSG and Lufthansa Technik teams incorporated the latest safety standards found in today ‘s commercial aircraft that were unheard of when the Super Star left the Lockheed final assembly line in 1957.